We’re constantly amazed by the huge swathes of businesses that think that social media is “not for them”, that it won’t generate any business, won’t generate any serious leads and won’t allow them to engage with potential clients.

If social media is a stick, then these people have most definitely got hold of the wrong end of it.

The Internet is like a huge ocean, it’s massive, there are some really big fish out there. Some big fish that have been marking their territory from long-time, big chunks of the ocean belong to them and there’s very little that any small guy can do to make an impact.

Except, whenever you throw a stone in the ocean, you make ripples and ripples spread, ripples get noticed.

It’s funny, when you see a ripple, you don’t see the stone that caused it, you just see the ripple and invariably you will look where it came from.

So your blog post, your tweet, your Facebook share are the stones and the way the Internet reacts to them are the ripples, and the way people respond to your ripples by visiting your own website, to see your own brand, your own profile and your own services is why you should throw stones into the ocean.

Social media works.. But not for the reasons most people think it does.